Tuesday 2nd

Gumbo / Slipper
DOORS 7:30pm // £4 OTD

GUMBO - are re-invigorating the guitar rock sounds with elements of blues, jazz and psychedelic-garage rock.

SLIPPER - contemporary, original and sometimes improvised jazz. Influenced by funk, hip-hop, RnB and more.

The Wanted Session
DOORS 9:00pm // £Free

Weekly Open Music Session Hosted by the finest Edinburgh's musicians. All Outlaws, Musicians, Poets, Story Tellers Welcome. Every Tuesday from 9pm Bring instruments, Bring ears and Come and get sessioned!

Thurday 4th

Anti-Manifesto presents Slowlight / Bike Notes / Nelson Savage / Blue Tiger
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 Ticketed (Get your Ticket here)

SLOWLIGHT - is a new Glasgow Band playing a melodic/noisy mix of post hardcore punk taking influences from the 90s
BIKE NOTES - Melodic Punk Rock from Edinburgh, Scotland, featuring members of The Walking Targets and The Murderburgers.
BLUE TIGER - Edinburgh indie pop
and NELSON SAVAGE debut Gig

Friday 5th

False Bliss album launch w/ The Honey Farm & Mndmth
DOORS 8:00pm // £7 OTD or £5 Ticketed (Get your Ticket here)

FALSE BLISS - is launching their album Ritual Terrains through Scottish Fiction on April 8th and they're throwing a party to celebrate. Recorded during a hazy, mist-filled week in autumn 2018, the album touches on themes of loss and adventure while traversing musical terrain previously uncovered by Tortoise, Fugazi, Sonic Youth etc.
THE HONEY FARM - Potentially the first and only and by default greatest Scottish female rap group of all time.
MNDMTH - Opening up is Stu Brown aka MNDMTH. MNDMTH challenges the traditional role of the drummer by putting the drums at the fore and expanding the sonic palette and possibilities of the drum kit. Triggers and software allow the drums to become a means of controlling and manipulating electronic sounds and visuals in real time to generate an immersive, multi-layered, audio-visual performance which steps outside of the usual conventions of drumming, while remaining true to the intense rhythmic drive that only this instrument can provide.
Intermission entertainment supplied by the debut performance by electronic knowledge master, DJ Liquid Shoes.

Saturday 6th

Les Manteez + Sevenpenny Nightmare
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

LES MANTEEZ - ​Isa started as a dancer trained in Paris and in New York City. As choreographer she led Cie Abyla, then worked on various shows in Paris and Europe as stage director or assistant besides writing poems and short stories. Something in the way she moves makes the lyrics of Les Manteez sound special. Eric , guitarist /composer, played in various rock bands (garage rock,power pop, France), worked as producer. He created music for dance and theatre performances, now makes soundtracks for documentaries and films. He takes Les Manteez for a rock on the wild side with elegance. Two universes interact and make happen Les Manteez... ​

SEVENPENNY NIGHTMARE - Psychedelic, cinematic rock music. Edinburgh based four piece - comprising a Dane, a west coaster, an east coaster and a Geordie - bash away at drums, guitars, basses, synths and various samples to produce an instrumentally retro yet modern sound.

Sunday 7th

Home Economics, Life Model & Fuzzystar
DOORS 7:30pm // £7 Ticketed (Get your Ticket here)

HOME ECONOMICS - "‘Idiots’ is just a killer clatter of brash guitars and spiky attitude, performed with disgust at the idiots it’s written about. It puts me firmly in mind of the legendary Vaselines when they were at their noisy best. This is always a good thing." - Overblown

LIFE MODEL - are a dream pop band from Glasgow although we reckon there’s a little more crunch to their sound than your average dream-popper

Monday 8th

Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal
DOORS 7:30pm // £8 Ticketed (Get Tickets)

EILIDH STEEL & MARK NEAL - (fiddle, guitar and vocals) are leading lights in the Scottish traditional music scene, playing traditional music and song strongly influenced by the music from Argyll and the West coast of Scotland alongside their own original compositions. Their passion for the music and their effortless musicianship clearly shines through in their performances.

Tuesday 9th

The Wanted Session
DOORS 9:00pm // £Free

Weekly Open Music Session Hosted by the finest Edinburgh's musicians. All Outlaws, Musicians, Poets, Story Tellers Welcome. Every Tuesday from 9pm Bring instruments, Bring ears and Come and get sessioned!

Wednesday 10th

Honours : 'Mona Lisa' Single Launch
DOORS 7:00pm // £3 Ticketed (Get Tickets)

Honours. headline Leith Depot to support the release of upcoming single 'Mona Lisa'. Joined on stage by DICTATOR and Peter Stewart
HONOURS - Alternative Indie Rock band from Scotland influenced by Johnny Marr and Queens of the Stone Age.

Thursday 11th

Kapital Promotions presents The Shan
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

The Shan finally return to the place where it began. Joining them will be their good friends Jim Threat and The Vultures as well as The Kryss Talmeth Experience and Newcomers Hip Priest THE SHAN - an Alternative Rock n Roll band with roots in punk rock, garage and psych from the 50s to present day. Influences such as The Stooges, Ramones, The White Stripes, Black Flag, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Kinks and The Flaming Groovies are combined by the band to bring you rock n roll delivered with a ferocious, neurotic, intensity with catchy hooks to match.

JIM THREAT AND THE VULTURES - Jim Threat & The Vultures are a Punk Rock and Roll band from Scotland formed in late 2013. The current line up formed out of the ashes of punk band The Threats and heavy rockers Mothertone, they started with the goal of taking the live music scene by the scruff of the neck and combining heavy rock and roll with a punk attitude. Described by others as fusion of Classic Motorhead meets the Damned, they have recently expanded to a four piece in an effort to increase the decibel levels to maximum

THE KRYSS TALMETH EXPERIENCE - A groovy stoner metal band based in Edinburgh. Swinging rhythms, groovy baselines, wailing vocals, heavy drop c riffage and more fuzz than a wild 70s bush.

Friday 12th

Upstairs presents Adam Stafford Album Launch
DOORS 7:00pm // £7 OTD

Adam is launching a (very) limited edition cassette release of his brand new album, "The Acid Bothy" with support from Stephen McLaren, Errant Boy and Shards.

ADAM STAFFORD - is a musician, film director and label founder (Wise Blood Industries) from Falkirk, Central Scotland. Stafford is known for his intense and energetic live performances which incorporate soul-pop, post-punk and a capela experimentalism to dizzying effect. “Adam Stafford’s new album is a rich and haunting record of intelligence, beauty, depth and darkness – it’s a monumental piece of work.” - 5/5 The Skinny

STEPHEN MCLAREN - Despite having his debut album, "We Used To Go Raving", chart in at a very respectable no.10 in the is this music? Scottish Albums of 2018 list, he's largely stopped playing those songs claiming that the new ones are better. Thankfully, he's still gracious enough to play the title track from it at least, otherwise no-one would bother showing up. Got to give the punters what they want. He will.

ERRANT BOY - Sean, Chris, and Sarrah have been drilling pop-classic holes in venues for a couple of years now, releasing 2 albums along the way in reasonably prolific style. Both of those are outstanding pieces of work, the latest of which ("Memory Fractures") got a well-deserved 4-star review in The Skinny, as well as widespread thumbs-up from many notable bloggers and respected online publications.

SHARDS - Well. Best get there early for debut performance from this lot. Blink and you'll miss it; and you'll be sorry too.

Saturday 13th


Sunday 14th

Mixed Signals & AVU
DOORS 7:30pm // £7 OTD or £5 Ticketed (Get Tickets)

Mixed Signals join forces with AVU to offer you a night of most exquisite atmospheric experimentation and sound hypnosis. The night will begin with an improvised ambient session by both bands.

MIXED SIGNALS - Dark, minimal, improvisational soundscapes. An electric double bass pushed to its sonic limits. A tech-head with a laptop live sequencing drum tracks and creating digitally destroyed textures. A sax, a voice, a recorder and the unexpected. A mesmerising soundscape, rocking on waves of intensity and delving into desolation. A flowing trance of loops, an aleatoric deconstruction, a sonoric feast.

AVU - AVU are a 3 piece band from Edinburgh and have been performing in the city for around 3 years with an ever-changing set combing ambient serenity with noisy crescendos.

Monday 15th

DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

More Info To Come