Monday 28th

Sketchy Beats Takeover with Erb & Ting, Bad mama's kiss, The Smoking Jeffrey's
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

Sketchy Beats is a collective of musicians and artists who use Sketchy Beats Cafe as their creative base. We hold open jams and sketching sessions several times a week and through time have formed a crew of house musicians, who set the vibe for the open jams we bring to festivals. The idea behind the jams is for music to be created in the moment, combining and creating new genres and bringing together musicians who have never played together before. To celebrate independent venues week, we'll be inviting along some of the best acts we've heard play in the cafe. After they've finished their sets, the night will develop into a jam led by the Sketchy House Band.

ERB N TING -Erb & Ting are here to shake the room with an eclectic mix of homegrown beats and fresh hip hop esque vocals! Starring multi instrumentalist/producer Al Roberts as Erb and mc/producer Mike Daniel (aka MC M.A.D. from Groove Armada) as Ting! Boooyah!!!

THE SMOKING JEFFREY'Sa lively upbeat group of teasers that love to turn the crowed from sitting down to jumping around. We love performing and making the most of our time. We are a Alternative rock & pop Reggie ska band with many great Originals and covers if needed. We also have all our own equipment and we a friendly loving people.

Tuesday 29th

The Farting Suffragettes and friends
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

Two heavyweight local riot grrrl champion acts promising to consensually tear Independent Venue Week’s Tuesday night a new punk shaped hole. Come witness whether Leith Depot’s venue can contain this much righteous, homegrown, take-no-bullshit DIY music. All borne from the the Edinburgh Girl’s Rock School scene, the night features: LOUD SOUTH LADIES -Punk/ Riot Grrrl del Sur / A bit of Aflamencao - not the same as Flamenco /no gender
THE FARTING SUFFRAGETTES -A band of just such riotous joy and righteous take-no-bullshit attitude with a buttload of tunes that have been known to make you sweat and dance in uncontrollable amounts.
And more TBC

Wednesday 30th

The Party Slogan + Stellar
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

THE PARTY SLOGAN - are an unsigned Edinburgh band formed in 2016. The band have taken song writing influences from 80’s post-punk and alternative rock through to the sonic influence of the garage rock revival. Boasting a 3 guitar and keyboard line up on top of a power house rhythm section, they bring an intensity to their shows that is slowly making a name for them. Support from 5 piece indie rock n rollers Stellar

Thursday 31st

Paper Rifles / Goodbye Blue Monday / Fistymuffs
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

PAPER RIFLES -Acoustic/indie/punk/rock/singing/hectoring from Edinburgh. Struck Dum Records and Anti-Manifesto. “One of Scotland's finest intelligent singer/songwriters…this is the most joyous and uplifting of rebellions” – Make That A Take
GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY - Misery-punk band from Glasgow/Edinburgh,
FISTYMUFFS -Fistymuffs are a riot girl band formed through girls rock school Edinburgh. They're fun and colourful exterior is somewhat of a contrast to the serious and sometimes dark nature of their songs. Taking subjects such as unwanted groping and emotional abuse, Fistymuffs get their point across through Punk laced grungy riffs and well placed lyrics without losing that fun pop punk streak.

Friday 1st

Withered Hand, Solo Acoustic Show with support
DOORS 7.30pm // £12 OTD or £10 Advanced Get your tickets here

WITHERED HAND - is the songwriting output of Dan Willson. A cult figure in the Scottish music scene since 2009, Dan has released two widely acclaimed albums, New Gods (2014) and Good News (2009) and several lo-fi EPs. Currently working towards his third full length album.

Saturday 2nd

Holy Savage + Miss The Occupier
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

MISS THE OCCUPIER - high powered post punks from Glasgow

HOLY SAVAGE - Angry, Intense, Foul Mouthed Social Commentators

Sunday 3rd

Callum Easter + Friends
DOORS 7:00pm // £5 OTD Get your tickets here

CALLUM EASTER - I’d say it sounds familiar. I’d say it’s not for everyone but really it is. I’d say it sounds like a feeling you had, now a distant memory, maybe from childhood. Like when the world was full of wonder and the dark things around you had no context so you didn’t think anything of them.