Anchorite and special support act
DOORS 8:00PM // Free Entry

ANCHORITE - When Anchorite held their seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Leith came to attend. During one of these gatherings a pupil was caught scratching his arse. The matter was reported to Anchorite with the request that the culprit be expelled. Anchorite ignored the case.

Later the pupil was caught in a similar act, and again Anchorite disregarded the matter. This angered the other pupils, who drew up a petition asking for the dismissal of the arse scratcher, stating that otherwise they would leave in a body.

When Anchorite had read the petition they called everyone before them. “You are wise my sisters, you are wise my brothers,” they told them. “You know what is right and what is not right. You may go somewhere else to study if you wish, but this poor brother does not even know right from wrong. Who will teach him if I do not? I am going to keep him here even if all the rest of you leave.” A torrent of tears cleansed the face of the brother who had scratched his arse. All desire to scratch had vanished.


DOORS 7:30pm // £Ticketed (tickets here)

Come along and hear the first play of Lou McLean's new E.P. "Good Morning Easter Road!" Come and Celebrate her second release with an evening of live music and patter with the gal herself. Lou will be playing the EP live and doing some more tunes for good luck. Support will be coming from the uniquely jazzy and talented Ms Megan Black.

LOU MCLEAN - Lou Mclean is a singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh who writes acoustic dream – pop with razor-sharp lyrics. Her unique style of wistful – riot grrl pop is unmissable. Mclean began her music career as a graduate of Girls’ Rock School Edinburgh in December 2015, and her highly-praised debut EP ‘September to December’ was released in May 2016. Totally self-produced, the project was written, performed, mixed and mastered by Lou as a nod to the DIY ethics of Kathleen Hanna & the early riot grrrl bands who influenced her. Afterwards, she went on to play at a variety of venues across Scotland. The festival season culminated in Lou winning a public vote to headline at The Famous Grouse House during the Edinburgh Fringe. Since then, her style of storytelling in song has been compared to Courtney Barnett & Kate Nash, and she has earned a reputation as a great live performer & entertainer. Sharing the stage with the likes of Lail Arad & Laura Stevenson, Lou recently completed her first UK tour.

MEGAN BLACK - Megan Black is a young musician, vocalist and recording artist from Livingston, Scotland. Megan plays in many different genres of music including both her own and covers.


Roberta Banana is a Singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh. Writer, promoter, DJ, singer-songwriter and co-founder of The Banana Sessions: this bad ass bitch does it all. Roberta has a sweet, soulful voice that hooks you in from the first note.


BONES CARNIVAL with Hunter/Hope and the Dead Left DOORS 7:30PM // £FREE

BONES CARNIVAL - Psychedelic indie rock band from Edinburgh formed in 2013. The band are currently recording an abum and will have a local release show in the near future

HUNTER/HOPE - Melodic alt rock

THE DEAD LEFT - Disenfranchised rock


Folksville DOORS 7:30PM // £FREE

This month we welcome back the versatile Mr Van Tastik and, two newbies to the Folksville stage: the superb Fife virtuoso Mr Stoo Bell (from The Johnstown Flood) and talented Emma Martin.

VAN TASTIK - Van Tastik is a mixture of American Folk, distorted rythmic riffs, far-out instrumentation and wailing, sorrowful, soaring vocals with lyrics straight from the heart.

Mr STOO BELL - A foot stompin' blend of folk, country and americana


LEITH FESTIVAL Americana Backroom sessions DOORS 1:00PM - 9:00PM // £FREE

The Americiana Backroom Sessions is proud to present it's first all day event as part of the Leith Festival! The line-up for the day is: 1.00pm - 2.00pm: Al Shields 2.30pm - 3.30pm: The Heartbreak Diet 4.00pm - 5.30pm: Under The Dogwood Tree 6.00pm - 7.00pm: Ms. Fi & the Lost Head Band 7.30pm - 9.00pm: Coldsville