You asked, we answered. Back by popular demand... Pop-up Punk Aerobics upstairs at Leith Depot. Leap about like a manic to awesome tunes!

1. This is fitness for misfits, for those who aschew the conformity of a gym.
2. The rules are there are no rules. With minimal choreography, and maximal vertical movement (i.e. pogo-ing), punk aerobics will be half an hour of high energy rock and roll favourites.
3. We can exercise in whatever clothes we feel comfortable in (bondage pants optional).
4. It’s a way of dealing with pent-up frustration with the system that’s broken and seems to get worse. Diss disempowerment and embrace difference.
5. Bouncing to your favourite tune is excellent exercise and a guaranteed mood boost.
6. Momentum and core strength gets you everywhere in a mosh.
7. The playlist? Needless to say it will feature Fugazi, Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks. Plus more. We are open to new ideas.
8. Entry is by donation (you don’t need to pay if you’re skint, just come along)..
9. And when people ask why we’re doing it, it’s just because we can...
Follow @punkaerobics on Twitter, or message Griffen Fitness website www.punkaerobics.com


Into Africa Foundation Charity Gig
DOORS 7:30pm // £TBC

Rosa Hawkins,Lucy Hawkins, Sam Goudie and Beth Goudie


The Sky Moguls + supports
DOORS 8:00pm // £Ticketed (Tickets here

Alistair Flood, Rich Lucas and James Esaw - aka THE SKY MOGULS - are FINALLY coming to Edinburgh! With support from The Micro Band and Spylaw. The venue has limited capacity so get your tickets before it's too late!

THE MICRO BAND - Edinburgh-based 7-piece group guaranteed to put a smile on your face with their brand of pop/funk/soul/jazz. Have a listen here:

SPYLAW - Energetic Edinburgh-based rockers with a brassy twist. Check them out here:


Britney // IRK // Sleet Walls // Obviate Parade DOORS 8:00PM // £5 OTD

BRITNEY: 3 piece Lothian grind posse FFO The Locust, Kong,

Irk: 3 Piece Noise Rock from Leeds FFO Lightning Bolt, Trencher

Sleet Walls: Shoegaze / Noise based in Edinburgh

Obviate Parade: Improv Solo set from Thin Privilege, Damn Teeth & Salo frontman.


Kalio Gayo // Junkmans Choir // Blueflint DOORS 7:30PM // £7 OTD

KALIO GAYO -’s dances are boundless. Acoustic instruments combined with samples, beats and a universal language. Exploring and discovering on an endless musical trip. Catchy songs with intense vocals and gripping tunes. Drums, double bass, guitar, banjo, accordion, synthesizer and samples mixing folky themes from east and west with rock, ska and a touch of latin and reggae. Kalio Gayo meets the world with rebellious optimism and parti y prije. (party and tears)

JUNKMANS CHOIR - are a two man band with a Global sound Playing a mix of Cajun, Country Sea Shanty's and Rockin Reels and spinning some twists and turns on the works of Rabbie Burns, The sound of Electro Accordian, Pocket Trumpet ,Guitar and Vocals, is as unique as it is infectious.. Look out for them on the street or on a stage, stomping out a steel-toed rhythm.

BLUEFLINT - began in 2003 as a duo based around the close harmonies of Deborah Arnott and Clare Neilson whose voices, both ethereal and warm, interweave through raw, honest and beautifully-crafted songs. In 2008 they extended the band to incorporate fiddle, double-bass and drums in a line-up that deftly captures the atmospheric Blueflint sound.