Ross Couper + Tom Oakes (Album Launch Tour)
DOORS 8:00PM // £Ticketed ( Tickets here)

ROSS COUPER & TOM OAKES - After a mere 8 years of playing professionally together, touring the world, being featured on numerous TV programmes, radio and adverts, running their own teaching weekend and literally thousands of audience requests to buy CDs.

Ross Couper (Fiddle. Shetland/Glasgow) and Tom Oakes (Guitar. Devon/Leith) have finally given in and made one. This is the final night of the Fiddle + Guitar album launch tour and youre invited! Expect breathtaking playing, appalling humour and Irn Bru fuelled energy from the get go as we hear the album in full! (You then get to buy a copy without tuning and terrible jokes) This is our only planned Edinburgh date for a while so don't miss out!!




Lush Purr, Plastic Animals and The Doozer
DOORS 7:30pm // £Ticketed (Tickets here £5 in ADV // £6 OTD)

Lush Purr launch the vinyl release of their album 'Cuckoo Waltz'. Joined by good friends and great tunes provided by Plastic Animals and The Doozer. £5 advance ticket £6 OTD Lush Purr was formed by Gavin Will of The Yawns/Battery Face and the current line-up came together in 2015. The band is made up of members of The Yawns, Mirror Parties, Battery Face, Copy Haho, Platypus, Doris/Mavis, etc.

Edinburgh based atmospheric punk rock sludge.


Downstairs Bar : Dimension Door DJ DOORS 8:30PM // £FREE

"A rest stop in a voyage through time...""



Downstairs Bar : Bourbon 'N' Razors DOORS 8:30PM // £FREE

Returning once more to our spiritual home of Leith, we at Bourbon 'n' Razors present to you an evening of fine tunes and neck-craning visual delights. EBM / BIG BEAT / ELECTRO / NO WAVE/NEW WAVE...And whatever else tickles our fancy.

Upstairs Venue : Errant Media presents "Upstairs IV"
DOORS 7:00pm // £5

Upstairs IV sees a guitariffic line-up! Experience mixes with fledgling promise in what will surely be a packed Saturday night at Leith Depot. There is no doubt about it, if you want to be a part of this, you'll need to be quick.

FRANTIC CHANT - A home gig for these Leith boys, and it'll be a home win, that's for sure. Looking forward to anthemic psychedelic rock 'n roll: catchy and unpretentious songs, powerful vocals, strong guitar, bass, and drums - in other words, pure quality. Listen to "Surf Daft" (Uproar at the Hipsters Convention) here -

PAL -More Edinburgh japes. This charming band describe themselves as an "all-girl band with a boy drummer". Yes, they are. Want to know more? Come and see. Fronted by the famous, charismatic, and energetic Nora Winstanley, though, this will be an entertaining, fun, and raucous set.

MAD GERALD - Great outfit. Sometimes manic, sometimes brooding, sometimes psychedelic, but always really dynamic and interesting. This band's songs are laden with infectious guitar riffs. If you're a first time viewer, you'll probably fall for their 60s-influenced psych-pop. Plus, they've got a brilliant name. DISSCHORD - Recent graduates of the esteemed Girls Rock School, they stole the show at the showcase and are ready to kick the party off at their first post-graduate gig, with some powerful punk and grrl riot style. Be smart; be early.


Snakeskins shoe review, Pete Kavanagh and Chris Finegan
DOORS 6:00PM // £TBC

Snakeskin Shoe Review -Scotland's number one indie, psychedelic novelty folk pop band

Pete Kavanagh - is coming from Ireland to showcase songs featured on his debut album.

Chris Finegan - is a singer-songwriter based near Edinburgh, Scotland.