Wednesday 5th

Ernesto Calzadilla's Birthday party
DOORS 7:00pm // £3

A night of celebration in honour of the Venezuelan acting legend. Starring: The Omega Corridor, Tablets, Fistymuffs.

FISTYMUFFS - Scottish Punk trio Fistymuffs have been owning the Edinburgh music scene for the last two years. Frequently playing live, they have gradually climbed the gig ladder and have recently been seen supporting international bands including Slot Face, God is my Co-Pilot and US alt rock legends, Screaming Females

Thursday 6th

Baile, Rhona Stevens & Charlie Grey
DOORS 7:30pm //

BAILE - are an up and coming trad band based in the hub of the Glasgow trad scene. Cameron Sharp (Whistles/Pipes), Euan McLaughlin (Guitar) and Callum Convoy (Bodhran) formed the band towards the end of 2016 before recording their debut EP in May 2017 and releasing it on Claytara Records in July of that year. The band have since performed across Scotland, Italy and The Netherlands to support the release

Friday 7th

Lydia Cole Uk Tour with support from Hailey Beavis
DOORS 8:00pm // £Ticketed

LYDIA COLE - E is an award-nominated songwriter and performer from New Zealand, now based in Berlin. Inspired to the task of translating emotion into song, Lydia touches hearts by the purity in her voice, intimate lyrics, and flawless live performances. In September she will perform for the first time in the UK and Ireland on an independent tour, put together with the enthusiastic involvement and generosity of local fans and artists.

HAILEY BEAVIS - a self taught musician, songwriter and visual artist. Her music maps a journey through the surrealism of childhood, stretching into insightful and vividly captured love songs, both deeply personal and completely knowable. Lydia and Hailey recently wrote and recorded an EP together on a farm in Catalonia, and at Leith Depot will have the unique opportunity to bring these new songs to the stage together, as well as showcasing their own solo material.

Saturday 8th

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra presents : GIOsessions Edinburgh
DOORS 7:30pm // £5 OTD

GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA - Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: around 20 musicians from diverse artistic origins, exploring improvisation in a large group context. A selection of ensembles formed of GIO members + friends bring an diverse blend of voices and free improvisation.“Endless inventiveness… hugely rewarding” - The Scotsman “Alive with the intimate ebb-and-flow that marks the best examples of the form” - The Independent

DOORS 8:00pm // FREE

Come join Dunc and Bill, as they raise the roof and generally get down. Playing tunes to get your toes a-tappin'and your feet a-stompin'. As usual, Dancing Shoes are required, nay necessary.


Bluegrass and Folk Session
DOORS : 8:00pm // Free

Bluegrass, Blues, Folk Songs and Old Time...Open sit round Session. All fiddles, mandolins, banjos, guitars, voices welcome!

Monday 10th

Scalarama | Heroic Purgatory (1970)
DOORS : 7:00pm // £6 waged £4 unwaged

As part of the Scalarama DIY film season, Strangest Things Film Club presents one of the forgotten masterpieces of the Japanese New Wave. An engineer's wife returns home with a lost teenager. A man posing as her dad tries to get her back, causing the engineer to recall his youth as a revolutionary, obscured by dreamlike disruptions of time and space, fantasy and reality. Expect gorgeous cinematography and much puzzlement.

Tuesday 11th

The Wanted Session
DOORS 9:00pm // £Free

Weekly Open Music Session Hosted by Andy Mckay and Baz Simpson. All Outlaws, Musicians, Poets, Story Tellers Welcome. Every Tuesday from 9pm Bring instruments, Bring ears and Come and get sessioned!

Thursday 13th

Welcome to Gin Peaks and Scalarama present : Blue Velvet
DOORS 7:00pm Screening 8:00pm // £8

As part of SCALARAMA 2018 everyone’s favourite David Lynch and gin infused podcast, Welcome to Gin Peaks, is proud to present Lynch's neo-noir masterpiece Blue Velvet (1986). Starring Kyle McLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern and Dennis Hopper, the film takes us into the strange town of Lumberton as a pair of amateur detectives try to unravel the mystery behind a severed ear. Their investigation takes them into the depths of the small logging town and reveals the dark layers of small town idealism. Blending psychological horror with film noir and with outstanding performances this is a film that should not be missed. This screening also includes a free gin and tonic, and will give the viewers the opportunity to hangout after and enjoy free cherry pie to music from David Lynch works.

Friday 14th

Sad Society, Shock and Awe, Manky Hoors, Crimedesk
DOORS 7:00pm // £5 OTD

SAD SOCIETY - formed in Edinburgh in the early 1980s from the ashes of several other bands: Area 12, Pressure Point and Radar. The band have continued to play the music they love as fashions and fads have come and gone. Sad Society have a powerful and contemporary sound which is best experienced live. The band's name was inspired by a headline in the Edinburgh Evening News many years ago, which read "We are living in a sad society". Since Sad Society's songs are about the realities of life in this horrible world of forced conformity, violence, greed and hatred, the headline struck a chord; we ARE living in a sad society!

SHOCK AND AWE - formed a few years ago because no-one was playing noisey guitar songs with a bit of heart, a bit of pace, a bit of thought and a bit of fun Shock and Awe have played over 100 gigs all over Scotland with friends and influences from all over the world such as The Scars, Vic Godard, Wreckless Eric, The Lurkers, The Vibrators, Richard Bacchus, etc

Saturday 15th

Slime City & Lush Purr
DOORS 7:00pm // £7 OTD

SLIME CITY- formed in the year 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland and play fast existentialist nerd rock for people who like sighing but also fighting. SLIME CITY consists of three men called Michael. SLIME CITY is for likers of, but not limited to: Brainiac, Wire, Suburban Lawns, Weezer, Mocket, Pulp, Art Brut, Del Shannon, Future of the Left, A-Frames, Devo, Idles, Buddy Holly, Flat Worms, Menswe@r, Roy Orbison, Pixies, Refused and all that.

LUSH PURR- Melancholy humour, dreamy lo-fi noise pop, meandering psychedelic fuzz are all signature elements of Lush Purr’s musical code. It’s unpredictable, fresh, melodic and at times very loud. And with song titles like '(I admit it) I’m a Gardener' and 'Jamiroquai at The Karaoke' you’re left in no doubt about their darkly strange sense of humour.